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DISCLAIMER:Parcel numbers are only indexed back to 5/2/2007.
We do not guarantee the correctness of the Parcel Numbers in the system.

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A grantor is the person who is making the conveyance on a recorded document. This would include a person who is selling a home, mortgaging property, making a lien against a property etc.

A grantee is the person who a document is being made in favor of. This would include a person who is purchasing a home, a person or financial institition who is loaning money, or a person who a lien is being placed against etc.

A subdivision code is assigned to each recorded subdivision plat. With our current entry system we can assign a code of up to 10 characters in length for the purpose of data entry. You can use this code to perform a search, or change the radio button to Description to use the Subdivision Name. You may enter the appropriate code, then select the block number ( if applicable ), and then the lot number to perform a search on a specific piece of property.

The section/township/range search is designed for searching properties which are not located within a recorded subdivision. Kane County is broken up into 15 townships. Each of these townships is further broken up into 36 sections, and these sections are further broken up into quarter sections.